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Who Am I?

The Family Mediator -- Robert Stewart

I am a compassionate, supportive and experienced divorce mediator. I also mediate other family matters such as parenting schedules (custody), post-divorce and stepfamily issues.

Divorce is a very emotional and challenging experience that also involves financial, tax, and legal issues, including the preparation of legal documents.  My many years of professional experience and education—as an accountant, attorney, and marriage and family therapist--have prepared me to be a creative, caring and competent divorce mediator. Furthermore, because of this professional background, I provide a comprehensive divorce mediation service so that my clients rarely need to consult “outside” professionals. This saves you time and money, and helps preserve the impartiality and trust which are cornerstones of divorce mediation.

I am an Advanced Practitioner Member of the Association for Conflict Resolution (Family Section), a member of the Board of The Connecticut Council for Divorce and Family Mediation, and a member of the Board of Shared Parenting, an organization that promotes joint custody and co-parenting.

I've been through the divorce process myself, so I can understand what you are feeling and experiencing. I am a divorced father of five children and am remarried, with two stepchildren. And as you can see, I have never outgrown my childhood fascination with fire trucks! I found this 1937 Maxim pumper sulking under a pine tree where it had been quietly rusting for fifteen years, and I have been restoring it ever since.

As your divorce mediator, I will help restore your ability to communicate and cooperate with your spouse so that you can create a brighter future for yourselves and your children.




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