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Why Choose Divorce Mediation Over Litigation?


Divorce mediation is less expensive:

  • requires only one mediator as opposed to two or more attorneys
  • no time wasted waiting in court (while paying the attorneys)
  • no need to use attorneys to relay messages between the parties
  • avoids costly "disclosure" motions and process

Divorce mediation is faster:

  • avoids delays; parties communicate directly with each other, not through attorneys
  • no need to wait for court dates
  • avoids repeated trips to court
  • avoids the need to accommodate the schedules of several attorneys
  • promotes cooperation rather than competition

Divorce mediation is more private and informal:

  • conversations and information revealed in mediation are confidential
  • discussions take place in a private office, not on the witness stand in a public courtroom
  • there are no complicated or mandatory procedures to follow

Divorce mediation is more effective:

  • encourages consideration of a greater variety of options and solutions
  • allows each party to express underlying emotions and concerns
  • promotes greater trust, understanding, acceptance and cooperation
  • focuses on plans for the future, rather than on blame for the past
  • increases the likelihood that the parties will honor the agreement after the divorce

Divorce Mediation is voluntary:

  • there are no court orders or motions to compel compliance or attendance
  • the agreement is created by the parties, and is not imposed by judges or attorneys
  • can be terminated by either party at any time

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